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I started my house painting career at age 23. I had little experience with interior painting and none with exterior painting. Most of my house painting experience came from trial and error and had I known what I know now, I wished I had worked with a seasoned professional to learn the trade. As I advertised my house painting business and developed a small loyal customer base, I began to get good at interior painting, exterior painting, kitchen cabinet painting, and kitchen cabinet refinishing. I liked the trade and was starting to get super busy. I began to hire helpers with my house painting business. Some were good and some were super bad.

One day when I was taking on a kitchen cabinet painting job, my helper took all the hinges off the cabinets and put them all in a box. When we attempted to reinstall the doors, the hinges didn't quite match and we had a heck of a time lining the doors up properly. I started my house painting business in California but now do my house painting in Green Valley AZ. I am trying to do more kitchen cabinet painting and kitchen cabinet refinishing as I love working with wood. Although house painting is just fine with me too.

If I could choose between interior painting and exterior painting, I would prefer interior painting as the summer heat in Green Valley AZ can get hot. Although exterior painting seems to go a little faster, I like interior painting and kitchen cabinet painting best. House painting isn't as easy as most would think. There's much skill involved. There's tricks and techniques that come only with time. How much time is needed to be good at house painting is dependent on if the house painter himself has a natural gift at it. He may be good at exterior painting and no good at all with interior painting. I am fortunate that I am good at both.

What kind of house painting contractor you decide on should have many skills in different areas of house painting. Some contractors specialize in only exterior painting and some only with interior painting. Are they skilled at kitchen cabinet painting or kitchen cabinet refinishing or are they like me who is good at all these! I have had many helpers and may I say that some of them needed to go to house painting school to learn the trade. I have met some good painters and some bad. Now I work with my wife Gretche, she is wonderful and has a natural house painting gift. She is good with interior painting and exterior painting.
She is great at sanding and preping when we do our kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing. I'm very proud of her!

If you have a house painting project, please consider Pat and Gretche for all your house painting needs. I have over 25 years experience in interior painting, exterior painting, and am excellent at custom kitchen cabinet painting and kitchen cabinet refinishing. I care about your job and you'll see! If you've ever done your own house painting, you know it can be physically challenging and stressful. As I mentioned, there are tricks and techniques that develop after years of house painting and I have learned some great secrets that will make your house look wonderful. Some day I will make a special video showing all my house painting tips and secrets. Sometimes when house painting in Green Valley AZ or any surrounding area of Tucson AZ, it may be necessary to wet the exterior of the home down with water before the house painting starts as the extreme heat can cause the exterior painting products to dry out too fast. That's just one tip all painters should know before attempting an exterior house painting project.

I can also do a great job at color matching. As a professional house painter, it is something I am qualified to do. Sometimes the house painting project requires this skill. If you need interior house painting and don't have the exact or original paint. I can usually match and get very close to the existing color. This applies to exterior house painting as well. You will see that I am very reliable and want your house painting project to go as smooth as possible for you. I don't cut corners, I use only quality products to do your interior house painting and exterior house painting projects. If you want kitchen cabinet painting or refinishing, I know what works and what doesn't and you can trust me that I will take all the necessary steps to make them durable and beautiful! I have seen the work of unskilled laborers. I have seen them cause the home owner grief and stress on their house painting project.
I've seen latex paint brushed over oil based paint and as you know, latex never sticks to oil. There are many unskilled painters out there and it can be a nightmare if you get one of them doing your interior house painting as well as your exterior house painting project. Have any of my house painting projects gone south? Well, I've had a couple of knuckle head things in the past such as painting the wrong color on a wall or painting semi gloss paint on a ceiling that was supposed to be flat paint. I've had an exterior house painting project go south because it rained and the paint wasn't quite dry enough. But all in all, I've had great success house painting these past 25 years.

My goal is to make your house painting project a rewarding experience for you. I want you to be happy and hope you refer me to your friends with house painting needs. Look through my website, there's some interior and exterior house painting pictures you can view. These are projects I am pleased to show you. I hope you will look at my gallery page. There are videos on interior painting, exterior painting, kitchen cabinet painting, and kitchen cabinet staining and refinishing.

I am happy to be working in Green Valley AZ. I also do painting in Rio Rico AZ, Tucson AZ, Phoenix AZ, and Scottsdale AZ. Please don't hesitate to contact me. I offer free estimates on all interior house painting, exterior house painting, kitchen cabinet painting, kitchen cabinet staining and refinishing. I'm proud of my work and aim to please you!
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