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News: 916-549-4159 Interior, exterior house painting Sacramento CA., Carmichael CA., Roseville CA., Folsom CA. offers quality craftsmanship for over 25 years. Click here to view my YouTube video! If you are looking to have your home painted or need Kitchen cabinet painting, staining, and refinishing, I do excellent work and can provide prompt no hassle service. Areas include Roseville CA. Folsom CA. El Dorado Hills CA. Gold River CA. and the greater area of Sacramento CA., and Carmichael CA.

There are many house painting contractors in California that offer interior and exterior painting but do they have the touch and skill required to perform good quality work? I've seen many painters claim they can do good work, but when I see what they have done to a persons home, I cant believe the low quality work they've performed. There are many tricks and methods that are learned over time that make a good house painter verses a great house painter. Interior and exterior house painting requires experience and skill. If you need house painting or kitchen cabinet painting, staining, and refinishing, please give me a call and I will give you a free estimate.

I started interior and exterior painting in Sacramento CA. Carmichael CA. Roseville CA. Folsom CA. Then learned how to do great work with kitchen cabinet painting, staining, and refinishing in the surrounding areas such as El Dorado Hills CA., and Gold River CA. I work with my wife Gretche who is very talented and has become my best worker in the past 25 years!

What kind of paint you use depends on the project you are doing. Is it Interior, or exterior house painting? Kitchen cabinet painting, staining, and refinishing? What material do you want to use? Latex, or oil base paints? In Sacramento CA., Carmichael CA., and California in general, oil based paints are being fazed out slowly. Latex paints have come a long way as far as their quality and are gaining much more popularity.

There are many good paint stores that offer quality materials. Most materials for interior, exterior house painting, kitchen cabinet painting, staining, and refinishing are available in Sacramento CA. Carmichael CA., Folsom CA., Gold River CA., Roseville CA., and Eldorado Hills CA. They include Kelly Moore Paints, Sherwin Williams, and Dunn Edwards Paints.

If paint is peeling from your home, it needs to be scraped and primed before any painting can be done. Pressure washing is necessary in most exterior house painting projects. Prep is one of the most important steps for completing exterior house painting in California or any other state. Interior house painting has similar steps to painting and we will talk more about that in a minute. Sacramento CA., Carmichael CA., and all cites in our great state of CA. require specific needs due to certain conditions and weather is the #1 reason for paint failure and premature aging. Choosing colors for interior, exterior house painting is something you may live with for quite some time and should be researched and confirmed before starting your house painting project.

Many colors are available at your local paint store and I can provide you with a color deck to choose colors from. I have references from many areas of Sacramento CA., Carmichael CA., and the surrounding areas including Folsom CA., Gold River CA., and Eldorado Hills CA.

Just a quick note about the sheen of paint. For interior, exterior house painting, I recommend Flat or low sheen for exterior painting on wood, siding, or stucco and you can use the same for the trim or higher sheen such as semi gloss for doors. For interior house painting, I like flat walls with semi gloss for trim, doors, kitchen, and bathrooms. Some like the durability of eggshell or satin finish paints for walls.There are a wide variety of materials to choose from for Kitchen cabinet painting, staining, and refinishing. New latex products for top coating have become very popular for the painter and the home owner. I have done many kitchen cabinet painting jobs in Sacramento CA., Folsom CA., and Gold River CA.

Thank you for visiting my website for interior, exterior house painting. Please view the gallery page to see some of the work I have done including kitchen cabinet painting, staining, and refinishing. you can also go to youtube to view some videos I have done on decorative finishes. Simply search for Pat Nevin Painting and you will find several videos of my work in Folsom CA., Gold River CA., and the greater Sacramento CA. areas. Thank you again for visiting my website